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Born 1-1-1958, Den Haag, Holland.
Astrologically a Capricorn, Oriental a Fire Rooster, Mayan 7 Blue Night.
Second of four children.
Spent my youth in a small village in the centre of Holland, Nieuwkoop.
My mother, Dieuwke Joustra-Kuiper, a professional violinist, taught me various musical instruments. My father, Pieter Andries Hylke van der Harst, a graphic designer/musician, taught me how to fix my bike, woodwork, and above all, always TO LOOK.
We had no TV until I was 16...

My professional career began with holiday-jobs in the local smithy, the general store, and loading luggage at the airport.
After successfully failing highschool, I worked as:
shipping department junior,
computer-programmer (Cobol,Basic),1977-1979
tent-builder (circus-tent),
industrial laundry-hand,1984
graphic designer along with my father,
freelance graphic designer,
general machine-shop engineer (building multicomponent airless spraying rigs),1987-1990
professional bottle-ship-builder,
sailmaker (on ocean-going 4-master barkentine),
and that was the last 'job' I had.-1993

Since 1993 I do all kinds of interesting things: I developed telescopic aluminium poles for tipi's, making the ultimate 'camping tipi' possible.
I gave 'sew your own tipi-workshops', twice a year. Which resulted in about 130 tipi's, made to my sailmakers' standards, 'gale-proof'.
In 1996 I got the information neccessary to build a real Mongolian Ger (or yurt if you wish), and soon after made the first one with my partner Tamara.
In 1999 we built and then burnt the Babel-tower in Ruigoord.
Thanks to Maarten Stam Nooitmeerhaast became a thing in 1999.
We registered in 2000.
In 2004 I touched a computer for the first time since 1979... (an Apple Powerbook G4).
In 2005 I discovered how a website works.
We made the first Waldo for use as kitchen in the Bigheart-camps.
In 2007 we founded Euro-Yurts.
In 2008 I married Ganbolor Balchindorj in Mongolia.