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Waldo is a new idea in tents.
Waldo incorporates ideas and technical details of: TIPIS, YURTS, BLACK TENTS of SAHARA and TIBET, BIG-TOPS, and BUNGALOW-tents;
From tipi and yurt and black tent come the idea to use NO METAL.
Of the tipi I took the rough wooden poles, and the lacing pins, as well as the open fire, and a big smoke-hole.
From the yurt I borrowed the smoke-hole-cover and the straight walls,
From the Black Tents of Sahara came the attachement of the guy-ropes, from the Black Tents of Tibet comes the profile of the smoke-hole-cover.
From the big-tops I took the method of pitching, with ropes and pulleys
From the bungalow-tents come the windows and zipper-doors.

From Macchu Pichu we took the shape of the windows, and from my sailing days the rigging and knotting.

Waldo-I was made in 2005, and died an honourable death after going down wet and frozen januari 2009.
That's totally ok, she was made as a test, to see if all the ideas worked, and they did, WOW! So immmediately,we sat down and made a new one WaldoII, out of a slightly sturdier material, Regentex. Actually, we made two, so we don't have to dissappoint people in the busy summers. And then someone wants both of them:

Waldo is 12 meters across, 2.05 meters high at the walls, and around 5 metres high in the centre.

Waldo has six pieces of wall, plus 6 doors of 100 cm wide. Walls and doors can be zipped together in any configuration. Walls and doors can also be hooked or unhooked in a matter of minutes, to leave a partly or completely open tent.

Waldo has four supporting poles in the centre, which form a square of roughly 1 meter.

Waldo's pins are about 1.60 meter from the tent-wall, so Waldo needs a circular area of 15.20 meter Ø to pitch.

Allthough Waldo is completely round, she has four masts, supporting two apexes...

Waldo II is basically made from Regentex FRW-treated, and therefore totally fire-proof, or more ecxactly: Flame-retardant.
The windows are of flame-retardant pvc.

(Flame retardant means that, if lit with a gas-flame for 10 seconds, it will turn to cinder, but it will not support a flame.)
Even the chimney above the fire is made of Regentex FRW.

Waldo's roof has tiny loops sewn into it, every seam, about 2 meters from the wall inward, to hang light decorations and/or lights (max 200grms/loop).

Waldo's name was coined by my son Gabriël, after a children's book, where red-and-white stripes are very important....

Waldo is for rent, for use as communal tent, as kitchen, as workshop/dance area, big gatherings around a central fire, even as a shelter for spectators of an outdoors-event in rainy weather...
As of spring 2009 we have 4 Waldoo's, 3 in Holland and 1 in Mongolia.
For rental resevations in holland, please email Michiel.
For rental in Mongola, info@froit.nl

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